The New Guide to Google My Business API

Google My Business is a key component for establishing a business online and ranking in the search engines. This social platform has gone through several transformations over the last few years, and the latest that has changed is Google’s new API for Google My Business. Even though Google’s API is primarily a tool for developers, it’s important to understand its significance and how it correlates to better local search engine optimization results.

When you understand the working components of Google’s new API for Google My Business, you can enhance your Google My Business profile for the best optimization possible.

What’s The Story Behind Google My Business API?

Google’s new API was introduced on December 15, 2015.  The idea and goal behind Google My Business API is that it makes it easier for third parties and large businesses to implement changes on the Google My Business Platform.

The new API also makes it easier to publish updates to your customers that are directly reflected on Google Maps and search.

Until recently, Google My Business API was only available to Adwords API users. These users were managing more than 50 locations under Google Adwords manual feeds.

Now, the platform is accessible to developers or business owners who are looking to enhance their Google My Business Profiles.

New And Special Features on Google My Business

Perhaps the most exciting aspects for the new Google My Business API are the new features. There are quite a few new fields that business owners can fill out that enhances their Google My Business Profiles while making it easy for customers to learn more about your company.

In a nutshell, these are the new features available for Google My Business users:

Managing Special, Limited, And Holiday Hours

You can manage and post special hours. For example, many businesses are open limited hours or closed during the holidays. Business owners can now post special hours of operation during the holidays. When customers search on Google for your business hours, it will display special hours on your Google My Business listing. This makes it much easier for customers to learn about holiday hours without needing to call your storefront.

Marking a Business as Permanently Closed

You can mark a business location as permanently closed. This is helpful when businesses permanently close their doors—but hopefully, you won’t ever have to use this function.

Streamlined Management of Business Photo Gallery

Through all of its transitions, Google My Business has allowed companies to add photos throughout the years. However, Google My Business API has enabled business owners more options in terms of photo management.

Business owners are now able to assign photos to their own categories, such as:

  • Interior photos that show what the inside of your building looks like
  • Exterior photos that show the outside of your building, company sign, or any other relevant landmarks that make your company more recognizable
  • At-work photos that show your employees helping customers and attending to their regular duties
  • Food and drink photos that showcase foods and drinks served by your business
  • Menu photos that give customers a glimpse of your restaurant’s menu. You also have the option of uploading photos of your entire menu online
  • Room photos that show guests a glimpse of your rooms, which is perfect for hotels or even a family owned bed and breakfast
  • Team photos that capture your entire crew in one photo
  • Common area photos that show customers images of common or waiting areas of your business
  • For any other photos that aren’t related to the aforementioned categories, business owners can add photos to the “additional photos” categories

While every category won’t apply to your own business, these new categories are very helpful for helping businesses of all niches to sort and manage their photos online. Adding photos to your Google My Business page helps customers become familiar with your business before they even walk through the front door.

Adding Managers to Your Google My Business Page

In the past, your Google My Business page was limited to just one admin. In order for anyone to access your business page, you’d have to give someone access to your company login information.

With the new Google My Business API, you’re able to add, invite, or remove new managers who can upkeep your Google My Business Page when you’re too busy.

Search And Filter Function Now Available For Multiple Business Locations

If you’re a business owner who’s running multiple locations, you’ll need a Google My Business Page for each physical address. You can now search and filter each of your business locations by name, category, and label.

Set Your Service Area For Traveling Professionals

If you’re a professional such as a plumber or contractor who travels to your client, you can now set your service area with the new Google My Business API. This makes it easy for customers to know how far you’re willing to travel for your services.

Get The Most Out of Google My Business API With Big Foot Media

Navigating your way through Google My Business API can get a bit confusing if you’re new to the game. Big Foot Media can help you learn the ropes and get the most out of the new API while we help you grow your business.

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