What Are the Best Digital Marketing Trends to Invest in for 2016?

We’re over one-quarter of the way through 2016, and hopefully, by now you have a digital marketing plan in place. One of the most difficult aspects of determining the best digital marketing trend for your business is having too many choices. The options for branding your name online are quite vast, and the truth is that your business may not benefit from every marketing option available to you.

This is a brief guide for some of the best digital marketing trends to invest in for 2016. Once you make your decision on what trend is right for you, you can contact Bigfoot Media for professional assistance.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a staple in the world of digital marketing. SEO is the science (and art) of helping your website to rank on the first page of Google. Search engine optimization has become quite advanced over the years, and it’s all due to Google’s ever-changing search algorithm.

Long ago, it was relatively easy for business owners to rank their own website on the first page of Google. It typically involved overstuffing keywords throughout your website and allowing the web crawlers to work their magic. The process is much more complicated today, and a professional search engine optimization company can help you get the best results.

In 2016, search engine optimization is a combination of good quality content and targeting the right keywords for your business. Publishing valuable content on a regular basis will help Google determine that your website is a reliable resource. SEO takes a lot of time and effort to execute, but the payoff can eventually result in more exposure, lead generation, and extra web traffic.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to search engine optimization, social media marketing is another smart investment for business owners. Social media marketing is the technique of using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to gain more exposure for your brand. However, social media marketing can be difficult to master, even for the savviest business owner.

Professional social media marketing companies such as Bigfoot Media can help your business engage and interact with customers. Higher engagement levels on social media can help position yourself as an industry leader and a credible source of information.

Keep in mind that there is an art in terms of what content to publish on Facebook. Expert social media marketing companies will provide a social media calendar with the best-curated content and pre-scheduled social posts. This will make your social updates a lot more streamlined, and you won’t have to spend hours hunting down content for your audience to enjoy.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that not all social media platforms are created equal for your business. While you might get great traction on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that you’ll receive the same attention on Pinterest. It’s important to keep your efforts focused in terms of where your audience spends their time online—otherwise, you’ll be marketing into an empty cyberspace.

Pay-per-Click Advertising 

Pay-per-click advertising is an entirely different animal from social media and SEO, but it can give your business a quick boost in the search engines. PPC is one of the smartest digital marketing trends to invest in when you have a healthy marketing budget and need to see results quickly.

However, it’s advised that you don’t attempt to launch a PPC campaign on your own. Just like any other digital marketing trend, a strategy should be involved for best results. For example, you’ll want to carefully select your keywords and omit any non-related keywords that can be confused with your business—otherwise known as negative keywords.

If your business has a storefront, you will also want to make sure that you set an appropriate radius to service your customers. It won’t do your pizza business much good if you are located in South Carolina, but you’re advertising in Ohio. Furthermore, there is an art to writing effective ad copy for PPC. Your ad description can make or break your campaign, and Bigfoot Media has experience in writing great PPC ad copy for a variety of industries.

Reputation Management

One of the last digital marketing trends to invest in is reputation management. However, the reality is that reputation management is not a trend—it is a critical key to ensuring that you have a polished and professional online presence. Reputation management can help remove dishonest reviews and even clean up negative discussions about your brand around the web.

If your online image needs an overhaul, consider investing in reputation management in 2016.

How Are You Growing Your Business Online? Bigfoot Media Can Help

No matter how you choose to invest your marketing dollars this year, Bigfoot media can help grow your business online. For more exposure, lead generation, and a streamlined social media presence contact Bigfoot Media today.

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