The 7 Biggest Advantages of Hiring an Agency for Your PPC Campaigns

When it comes to PPC campaigns, a PPC management expert can be what saves your sanity and makes your campaigns more visible than your competitors’. Right now, SEO and PPC are in a constant battle for marketing funds and attention, and with factors like Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates and the huge number of companies currently competing for the same top slots, it is harder than ever to rank and rank well.

While PPC has a great deal of potential for delivering large numbers of targeted traffic, it takes a knowledge and expertise to run a good PPC campaign. Without these things, marketers risk wasting their marketing dollars and reaping disappointing PPC results. That said, you can forge ahead into the PPC woods on your own or you can consider hiring a PPC professional to manage your PPC campaign.

To help you decide which option is best for you, here are the top 7 advantages of hiring a PPC agency to run you campaign.

1) PPC agencies are fantastic at keyword research

Keyword research is important and if you do it wrong you risk flushing your entire campaign down the toilet. Unfortunately, keyword research is just as difficult as it is important and it takes on-the-job experience and skill to do it well.

While marketers can do their own keyword research, it’s likely that the learning curve will be steep and that marketing dollars will be sacrificed in the name of learning. When you hire a PPC agency, however, you get a team of professionals that knows all about keyword research and can do it effectively every time.

To give you the best keyword research results available, PPC agencies use a variety of data points that form a complete overview of the marketing landscape and help you ensure that you’re getting the most from your PPC campaigns.

2) PPC experts know how to write ad copy

Second in importance to only keyword research is your actual ad copy. Ad copy seems simple enough but if it is not done right, ad copy can harm your conversion rate and result in low PPC campaign performance.

Within a PPC ad, every word counts and PPC experts are skilled at writing valuable, intriguing, and exciting ad copy. They do this by conducting competitive research and formulating ads based on their extensive experience of what words and what doesn’t.

3) PPC experts can track the campaign accurately

Unless you are a PPC expert, it’s likely that you’re going to make some mistakes when tracking your campaign. These mistakes can be costly and can mean that you misguide funds in your PPC efforts.

PPC experts, on the other hand, can track your campaign accurately enough to tell you what your sales look like and where they’re coming from. They can also tag your campaigns (if you’re running more than one) in order to tell you which is most effective. That’s a benefit worth paying for if you ask us.

4) PPC experts speak the language

Quick – tell us what these terms mean: CPM, CPC, CPA. No clue? Not to worry. PPC experts know and therefore running a PPC campaign is likely to be much less frustrating for them than it is for you. Not only do they know the difference between views, hits, and impressions, but they can manage your paid search campaign without bashing their heads over the lingo.

5) PPC experts excel at landing pages

A great landing page is an important piece of any good PPC campaign and, in order to reap the maximum conversions for your campaign, it’s important to ensure that your landing page is up to snuff. That’s where a PPC expert comes in.

Ideal for producing ideal conversions, a landing page can boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. When you hire a PPC expert, you get great landing pages, A/B testing on each, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your landing page is relevant, exciting, and irresistible to your customers.

6) PPC experts know what click fraud is…and what to do about it

There’s enough to learn about PPC campaigns as is and if you’re just starting out, it’s likely that you don’t know what click fraud is or what to do about it. Fortunately, PPC experts do and they can monitor your campaign in order to prevent and combat it.

This can help save you from paying for fraudulent clicks and can ensure that your marketing budget goes to interested leads rather than fraudulent clicks. Since monitoring for click fraud is firmly in your hands, it’s important to hire an expert if you’re not familiar with the task.

7) PPC experts have time

Running an effective PPC campaign is a time-consuming affair and if you don’t have the time to dedicate to it, your campaign is sure to flop. This is possibly one of the most important benefits of hiring a PPC expert: they have the time and the expertise to run your campaign and run it well. While there is plenty of time to run your own PPC campaigns in the future, it may be wise to hire an agency to do it for you now if you find yourself stretched just a bit too thin.


Unless you have extensive experience running a PPC campaign, it’s likely that a PPC agency will be a good investment of your advertising dollars. A PPC agency can help you produce great returns, get the most from your marketing dollars, and produce the most conversions possible.

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