PPC Campaigns: How to Succeed and What Terrible Mistakes to Avoid

Pay per click, or PPC, campaigns are a great way to bring in more clients to a business. While organic searches are great, using Ad Words can help round out and improve reach.

There are great ways to have successful PPC campaigns that all businesses should know. In addition, there are many things that businesses should avoid.

This blog is going to take a look at different strategies that can help improve a PPC strategy, as well as what to avoid to help stay away from future problems. 

3 Excellent Strategies for PPC Campaigns Now 

While there are many different ways to have a successful campaign, this blog is going to look at three specific things. All businesses should make sure to follow these strategies to help improve PPC campaigns and be successful. 

  1. Use the Right and Best Keywords

When businesses do keyword research, there will be words that will be more impactful and these should be used. This doesn’t just mean keywords that show a lot of searches, but also keywords that will help a company stand out.

Choosing creative and powerful keywords can help immensely when it comes to a PPC strategy. 

  1. Have it Lead to the Correct Landing Page

While a business will want people to go to their homepage to see all products and services, if an ad doesn’t go to the right page, customers will be upset.

If a client is searching for something such as excellent pet food, they will not want to see a company’s home page for all other pet care products. All businesses should double check that their PPC campaigns go to the correct landing page. 

  1. Always Check in Consistently and Often

All businesses that utilize PPC plans should check their ad words consistently and frequently. This will help the business know if the words they are using are working or if they need to make any changes.

If changes are needed, businesses can do more keyword research and improve their strategy to reach the best and right audience. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs 

In addition to these strategies, businesses need to make sure they avoid some of the top mistakes many make. Here are three that can be easy to do but that all businesses should consider and avoid for their campaigns. 

  1. Having Ads that Aren’t Relevant

Knowing a client base is integral when creating a campaign, and many businesses seem to miss the mark. If an ad is irrelevant and doesn’t connect with the intended audience, the business will lose revenue.

Client research can help businesses create advertisements that will get people to click on them, which will make the PPC budget well worth it. Once a business knows what clients want to see, a great strategy can be created, helping create an impactful advertising campaign. 

  1. No Calls to Action

Another problem many businesses have when it comes to PPC Campaigns is that of unimpressive or non-existent calls to action. No matter if it is a blog, landing page, ad, or email, content needs calls to action.

When businesses are aiming to create a great campaign, having a call to action will be vital. This is what will help convince searchers to click on the ad and eventually become clients.

Calls to action are excellent to have because they can illustrate just how important a product is and encourage readers to take an action. This is exactly what businesses want, which is why having CTAs for PPC strategies are absolutely necessary. 

  1. Minimal or No Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can really help many businesses get a further reach and drive more clicks and traffic. Extensions are available to all advertisers, but this is something that many businesses overlook.

Sometimes it is overlooked because businesses want to direct clients to a specific page while, at other times, many don’t feel that it is necessary whatsoever.

According to Hayley Coutinho from WordTracker, when using ad extensions on Google, the clickthrough rate can increase by 30 percent. When using Ad Words, a business can see just how easy it is to utilize extensions in their own marketing campaign.

When a business adds the extensions, there is a higher chance of bringing in more clients and having them see more products and services. This can help increase revenue for every business, which is why one should never ignore when Google encourages extensions.

Have a Stellar PPC Campaign to Bring in New Clients 

Businesses should always make sure that they approach PPC campaigns well and correctly to have a powerful strategy. Following the above suggestions are great ways to avoid mistakes and create an epic plan that will bring in new clients.

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