Why Google RankBrain Matters For Local SEO

Why Google RankBrain Matters


With all of the numerous Google terminology for business owners to follow, there is yet another to add to the list. Although the concept of Google RankBrain isn’t exactly new, it has become a trending topic since it was initially announced back in October 2015. RankBrain serves as yet another search ranking component for determining where your local business website is placed on Google—and it’s all accomplished with artificial intelligence and advanced ranking signals.

Google has turned to artificial intelligence software to help further develop the core of their ranking system. Initially, Google’s algorithm had the capability to pull data based on keywords, but not necessarily context. The algorithm was missing a human touch, and Google RankBrain was developed to help the search engine deliver high-quality results.

Common Misconceptions About Google RankBrain

Just in case we lost you on the purpose of Google RankBrain, let us back up and describe exactly what RankBrain is not. First, Google RankBrain is not an algorithm update. You’ve likely heard of algorithm updates by names such as Panda, Penguin, and even Hummingbird. However, Google RankBrain is not grouped within this category.

Instead, Google RankBrain serves as a new modification to enhance existing algorithms, specifically Hummingbird. According to Search Engine Land, RankBrain is actually part of Hummingbird’s overall algorithm. The purpose of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is to understand the context behind individual search queries. By working in conjunction with this specific algorithm, RankBrain helps to produce better and higher quality search engine results to your customers.

Furthermore, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ may give some business owners the false idea that Google RankBrain is a robot. Google is still indeed operated by humans, but it’s using a series of mathematical equations within an algorithm to provide human-quality results in the search engine.

Google RankBrain as a Ranking Signal

Google RankBrain stands as one of the hundreds of ranking signals that are used to provide search results. Google is very discreet about which signals are used to display specific search results, but we do know that RankBrain is a vitally important component. In fact, it’s the third most important ranking signal that Google uses to date. It displaces all ranking signals except for two, which tells us that RankBrain is engineered to refresh and improve user experience in the search engines.

Why Should Business Owners Care About Google RankBrain?

If you understand nothing else about Google RankBrain, it provides a better experience for your customers on Google. RankBrain is able to understand the context and closely match search queries that are relevant to your business directly to your website. This means that your website needs to be well optimized with quality, helpful content for customers.

However, the truth is that Google RankBrain isn’t drastically changing the world of search engine optimization as we know it. What it is doing is comprehending search queries that are poorly worded or confusing, and serving the customer with the best results possible. So, if your customer completely misses the mark on spelling your business name, RankBrain will help guide your customer to your company website. RankBrain also helps display search engine results that may not contain exact keywords that are used, but the content is still highly relevant in terms of context.

A Real Life Lesson of How Google RankBrain Works

In case your understanding of RankBrain is clear as mud, let’s give a quick real-world example. Imagine that you are the owner of a store that sells running shoes, and a customer enters your shop and asks: “What is that new shoe model by Adidas that is white, red, and yellow?”

As a human being, you’ll quickly be able to connect the dots and lead them to the new Adidas Boost running shoes. A search engine, however, wouldn’t be able to connect the dots without supplying more information. RankBrain would essentially take that exact question and condense it down into bite-sized information and piecing it together into something that makes sense. It’s then able to come to a conclusion and display the most accurate results possible to the user.

So, Why Does Google RankBrain Matter For SEO?

If you’re still stumped on why Google Ranbrain matters for local SEO, it all comes down to making it easier for customers to find your website with various keyword phrases. If you’re one of the many pizza shops in town, your customer can still find you even if they don’t know your shop by name. They’ll be able to find you by providing Google with a bit of geographical information such as your street name, or even other landmarks that are near your store.

Are Your Customers Able to Find You on Google?

Even with the advancements in Google RankBrain, your customers still might not be able to find you online. This is due to outdated websites, poorly optimized content, missing directory data, and more. To find out more, get in touch with Big Foot Media to improve your local search engine rankings.

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