8 Places to Find Inspiration for Business Blogging

Business blogging is a cheap, effective way for companies to produce more leads for their business. Blogs are currently rated as the 5th most trusted source of online information and B2B marketers that use business blogs generate an average of 67% more leads than those who do not.

But while business blogging is effective, it can also be difficult. Blogs require a great deal of content and it can be difficult for business bloggers to find enough inspiration to keep creating valuable content. Fortunately, there are places you can turn when you’re having a hard time coming up with topic ideas.

Here are 8 great sources of inspiration for business bloggers:

1) Google Trends

Google trends allows marketers to view topics that have been trending on Google. The platform is simple to use and a quick visit will allow you to discover which ideas are being shared and talked about worldwide. What’s more, the platform allows you to narrow the results to your industry in order to produce ideas and gain insight into trending content.

2) Trending Twitter Topics

Twitter is one of the fastest-moving platforms on the web and marketers who use it for idea generation are sure to be pleasantly surprised. Known widely as one of the world’s most rapid content streams, Twitter can provide a fantastic, moment-to-moment source of ideas. Keep in mind that the presence of promoted Tweets and irrelevant industry topics can be time-consuming, but marketers who are willing to sift through the excess material on Twitter can be rewarded by fantastic idea for their business blogging content.

3) Quora

Quora is a social media network that allows users to ask and answer questions on a wide selection of topics. While there’s certainly some riff-raff on Quora, the majority of users are savvy, intelligent, industry-minded individuals. By engaging in discussions about your industry’s topics, you can gain insight into what potential customers are wondering about and how you can better fill industry gaps.

4) Reddit

There’s no underestimating the “Front page of the internet.” While Reddit is akin to the Wild West of the Internet, it can be a valuable place to find some inspiration for your business blog. By combing through the site’s subreddit forums, you can easily locate niches you haven’t explored or hot topics in your industry.

5) FAQs

FAQs are a fantastic place to find out what your readers want more of and, when you look in unexpected places like your competitor’s FAQs, you can gain some valuable insight that will allow you to get a leg-up on your industry and identify needs that your competitors may be missing, such as topics that you can cover more efficiently or different sets of buyers that you can better cater to.

6) Industry Newsletters

Industry newsletters often feature updates about recent developments in your niche. For this reason, they’re a fantastic place to search for new ideas. Comb through a newsletter for news about any new tech releases or updates and then be one of the first to write a helpful tutorial about how to use it. This approach helps you gain the upper hand on your competition and ensures that you’re positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.

7) Pop Culture

Although it may not seem immediately obvious, pop culture can be a fantastic place to search for new ideas. Consider this Forbes article, for example, which is titled “A Master Class in Marketing Taught by Taylor Swift.” Few people immediately associate Swift with marketing genius, but thinking outside the box proved to make this article very successful. Tying your topics into pop culture can be a fantastic way to engage your readers and add a fun spin to your content.

8) Personal blogs

There are some truly incredible personal blogs on the web and, if you’re stuck on your business blogging efforts, they may be a helpful place to turn. Compared to business bloggers, personal bloggers have some definite strengths.

For one, they may be more authentic than many business blogs. Because they aren’t representing a company or a brand, personal bloggers have slightly more freedom in their topics and will generally write from a somewhat freer perspective than business bloggers. Additionally, personal bloggers are generally great at using visual content to their benefit, which may provide a helpful template for your business blog. For some truly inspirational blogs, check out this list.


While business blogging can be difficult, it’s worth it to come up with fresh, new ideas that your readers will love. These 8 tips can help get you unstuck next time you run short of ideas. For more information on how you can take your business blog and associated content to the next level contact Bigfoot Media.

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