What is the Importance of SEO and How Can Businesses Use it in 2015?

Search engine optimization (SEO) – the wonderful, helpful tool that helps businesses of all sizes get their pages and blogs ranking on the search engines. There are plenty of blogs out there that give the basics of SEO, how it can help companies, and how to use it. However, most of those blogs are several years old.

Because of this, businesses regularly question what the importance of SEO is and if it is still relevant and if one can use it now even in 2018.

Is SEO an outdated dinosaur? Or does SEO still have power in the year of the flying cars and hoverboards?

Let’s take a look! 

The Importance of SEO: 3 Excellent Reasons to Use it in 2018

While 2018 does seem to be significantly more futuristic, even without Back to the Future coming true, that doesn’t mean SEO isn’t important.

In fact, SEO is still a vital aspect to a business if that said business wants to continue ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Steve Olenski from Forbes outlines just how important SEO is to businesses, even now in the Future Land and this blog is going to break these down. 

  1. Competitors Are Still Doing SEO

When it comes to the importance of SEO, businesses need to consider one of the top reasons to still use it – competitors are using it. Businesses don’t want to be left in the dust by a competitor, which is likely to happen if SEO is ignored.

Researching competitors, as well as a business’s own keywords and SEO strategy, can help any business come up with a great plan that can help improve their presence significantly. 

  1. SEO is Cost Effective

Paying for advertisements can get overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Advertising isn’t cheap, but SEO can help make increasing traffic easier and cheaper. There might be a few upfront costs such as keyword research, but once effective keywords are found, then companies can use those throughout their web content, blogs, and more. 

  1. Local Search Optimization is Great for Physical Locations

People are constantly on the go nowadays, and they always bring their smartphones with them, no matter where they are going. Because of this, the importance of SEO is quite significant, especially when it comes to local search optimization.

Companies that have physical locations like a donut shop can easily find their targeted keywords and add a location to it. This will help bring new clients into the physical location, as well as amp up traffic to the business website. 

3 Techniques a Business Should Master for SEO

Knowing the importance of SEO is just one step in the direction of a powerful online presence. Here are a few techniques all businesses should master when it comes to creating a great SEO approach.

  1. Map a Strategy for SEO Usage

According to Jim Yu from Search Engine Land, mapping out your SEO strategy is a vital aspect of having a killer presence. This will require significant research into keywords but will help form an effective plan. Once a business has its SEO strategy mapped out, it is time to put it into action. 

  1. Have SEO and Content Teams Work Together

Many companies will have different teams for different aspects of content marketing. However, it is wise to ensure that SEO and content writing teams all work together to ensure the right strategies are used. This will help bring about epic content that is not only high quality but is also perfect for ranking on the SERP. 

  1. Focus on Mobile SEO and Make it a Priority 

Mobile SEO is definitely a target that many businesses are overlooking. Having a mobile site is now mandatory if a business wants to rank on Google’s SERP. And as comScore points out, mobile is surpassing desktop use for many sites.

Having a mobile-friendly site isn’t very difficult for sites that use tools like WordPress, which automatically converts a site to mobile. When creating an SEO strategy for mobile devices, it is wise to make sure one focuses on location-specific keywords as mentioned earlier in this post. 

SEO is Still a Vital Aspect of Marketing, Even in 2018

When a business utilizes SEO in 2018, it will see significant traffic increase to the business site and even more revenue. Without using SEO, it will be easy for a business’s site to get buried on the SERP, keeping it from any possible searcher’s finds.

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