The Top Google Analytics Reports That Can Boost a Website

Google Analytics is a great way to help improve a website, no matter the business. This excellent tool can help business owners see which keywords are working, where people are coming in from, and many other things.

This blog is going to look at Google Analytics, the various reports, and how it can help a business boost their overall website. However, first, what is Google Analytics? Here is a brief 101 for anyone who doesn’t know much about this great tool.

A Brief Overview of Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is something that Google provides all websites to help each create and maintain an online presence. There are numerous reports businesses can run to get the best information, helping improve their approaches to the Internet world.

These reports can help every business learn how to improve things, and have an impactful presence. There are different things each business can use, and it can be tailored to make each experience worthwhile. 

How Can Google Analytics Help All Businesses? 

Google Analytics helps all businesses by providing them with real-time analytic information to help improve their websites. And don’t worry; it isn’t for just one type of business either. Any business can use it to further their online presence.

It can help businesses track their goals and make visualization of these goals easier. If you run an e-commerce type of business, you will even be able to track sales. Whether a business is an e-commerce site or not, it can track website traffic and give excellent insight into what is working or what is not.

5 Amazing Google Reports to Boost a Site 

In order to make sure a business uses Google Analytics to its fullest potential, they should make sure to run various reports.

Paul Koks from SEMRush lists some excellent reports that all businesses can utilize, improving their websites. Here is a breakdown of some of these that will help boost a website getting a business well on track to generate more traffic. 

  1. Keyword Impression Data

With the Keyword Impression Data report, a business can do a few things to see which keywords are bringing clients in, as well as other pertinent keyword information. When one finishes this report, a business can take a look at the active AdWords by using the relevant impression data.

A business can also look at the passive keywords that are being used, helping formulate a good ad campaign strategy. This can be beneficial if a business is not using AdWords for a campaign yet but wants to use it to make a strategy for an upcoming one. 

  1. Run an All Traffic Source Report

This is the top report to run when a business wants to see how much of an impact their current SEO strategy is having. It can take a look at all channels, and give a rundown of what is going on. This is great because it can also help a business owner see gaps in the strategy, and work to beef it up.

When a business uses this report, they will be able to see just how balanced their current strategy is, and learn which tweaks a business needs to make and what should stay the same. 

  1. Research the Organic Traffic to Specific Landing Pages

As all businesses know, it is important to see which landing pages are bringing in traffic and which aren’t. No business wants a landing page that does not have much traffic or conversion, and many need to make sure they make changes to get the best outcome.

When using Google Analytics, a business can research specific landing pages to see just how well those pages are doing organically. This is called the Organic Landing Pages Report and will give an overview of each specified landing page.

This can help bring notice to any missing parts in strategies, as well as seeing just what is working for a business. After completing this, a business can amp up its other landing pages following similar formulas as the ones that have great organic traffic. 

  1. Run a Device Report to See Where Organic Traffic is Coming From

Knowing where people are coming from is vital to creating a great content strategy. Are clients coming predominately from desktop computers or smartphones and tablets? It is easy to get the answer to this question when running a Google report to look at what devices organic traffic comes in on.

Once a business knows this, they will be able to formulate a powerful campaign that will help boost traffic and eventually revenue. 

  1. Look at Where People Are Coming From

Another important element in creating great content is by knowing where clients live. This is yet another report Google Analytics provides, giving businesses the edge they need to create relevant content.

This can also help a company know if they need to provide multilingual content and which languages a business should focus on. The wider a company can reach within different languages, the more traffic, and eventual sales will come in. 

What Can a Business Do With These Reports?

Once a business runs the various reports from Google Analytics, they will be able to create a better ad strategy and bring in excellent traffic. Each report has a specific function, which should be noted when a business uses them.

Running these reports regularly can also help improve a site’s performance and help a business refine their methods as time progresses. The Internet is an ever-changing landscape, which is why one should always track their site and how it is doing with Google Analytics. 

Create Stellar Content Off of Google Reports

Once a business has run the various Google reports, it will be time to create an excellent content strategy. Choosing a business such as Bigfoot Media can help ensure a company has an awesome content campaign that will benefit the site.

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