Email Campaigns in 2015: Are they Worth it and What to Do

Email campaigns – are they a thing of the past or something that can help amp up a business’s marketing approach? Many people often assume that, since the calendar reads 2018, email isn’t nearly as profitable as it once was. That assumption is understandable, but it is quite wrong when it comes to a great marketing strategy, even now in the science fiction future.

Just how are email campaigns still relevant in 2018 and what can a business do to create an excellent strategy? This blog is going to take a look and help all businesses learn just how to revitalize their strategies and get amazing results.

Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant in 2018? 

In her blog for Content Standard, Krystal Overmyer points out that many marketers are still using email because many believe it has a further reach. A whopping 62 percent of marketers rank email as one of the top ways they bring in revenue.

Why do they say that? Because these marketers have experienced exactly what happens with email campaigns. And they also know that people are almost always on their phones not just checking social media, but also checking email.

According to a study done by IDC and shared by Ad Week, 79% of smartphone users have their phones on them 22 hours a day. When surveyed, 4 out of 5 smartphone users said that they check their phones and email within the first 15 minutes of waking up.

Why? Because so many people believe that their smartphones are what will help keep them connected. Not only will these users check email in the morning, but they will also check it throughout the whole day. Shows just how important email campaigns still are, doesn’t it? 

7 Excellent Ways to Revitalize an Approach to Emails 

Now that the importance of email marketing has been established, it is time to look at a few industry tips for having a successful approach.

  1. Make Emails Look Compelling to Readers

When an email campaign begins, it is important to make sure the layout of the email looks compelling. Kim LaChance Shandrow from Entrepreneur gives an excellent infographic guide on how to make an email marketing campaign compelling to readers.

This is great for any business and can truly help one create epic emails that readers will love. 

  1. Give Clients the Ability to Opt-Out of an Email

While all marketers want to believe that their content is being accepted and read by clients, this isn’t always the case. When it comes to email marketing, it is always a good idea to have an “opt-out” or “unsubscribe” option for clients to click.

There will be people who will do that no matter what, but if a business handles an email well, more clients won’t click to opt-out. 

  1. Use Text and Images Together for a Perfect Formula

Many smaller businesses aren’t entirely sure what their email campaigns should look like. Do the emails need more images or less? How much text do they need? Having a good combo of photos and text can help create a great formula for email success.

Make sure that all images are a lower (but not too low) resolution to help the email and photos download quicker for the reader. 

  1. Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

As stated above, people reach for their smartphone first thing in the morning and carry it with them throughout the whole day. What does this mean for email campaigns? It means that an email needs to be mobile-friendly.

This can be done by keeping the text short and to the point, smaller resolution images to cut down on load time, and building trust with readers. 

  1. Create Epic Subject Lines to Encourage People to Open It

Headlines are important when it comes to writing blogs and posting on social media, and they are also important for email. An email campaign that uses a strong, epic subject line will have a higher chance of being opened by a reader than one that is wimpy.

Using action words is a great way to create a great subject line, as is using humor. 

  1. Have a Powerful Call to Action that is Visible

When a business creates a blog or any other form of marketing content, the call to action is a vital aspect. It is what convinces a reader to take an action and buy a product or service. This is true for email campaigns, as well.

When a business crafts an email campaign, the call to action should powerful and original. In addition, it needs to be visible to the reader. If it is not, the chances of the client taking action are very slim.

This could be a great opportunity for an image as a call to action, helping bring more attention to it. 

  1. Keep the Email Schedule Consistent

In order to keep clients happy with the emails they receive, keeping a consistent schedule is key. This will help a client know when to expect an email from a business, and also keep them from feeling overwhelmed by “too much” email.

If a business focuses on creating a good, consistent schedule, there is a higher chance of clients clicking and eventually buying products or services.

Get Back Into the Email Game

Many businesses might be on their way out of the email game, but each and everyone needs to get back into it. This is a great opportunity to reach clients as they wake up and throughout the entire 22 hours, they have their phones on them. No business should waste this excellent marketing opportunity.

For any business that is looking for more advice when it comes to inbound marketing services, Bigfoot Media can help. Simply call and get on your way to an incredible strategy that can boost any business.

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