Social Media and Instagram: How to Leverage Photos for a Social Strategy

Having a great social media approach is always vital for each and every business. Many people do not believe social media will really help their business, but when a company starts to use it, it will see excellent results.

Social media and Instagram are awesome when it comes to creating a great approach to marketing online. Businesses can use photos to help improve and bring in new customers.

This blog is going to look at some of the top tips on how businesses can leverage social media and Instagram for excellent results. 

7 Great Social Media and Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Just what can a business do when using Instagram to help make an impressive social strategy? Here are some of the top marketing tips each business should take to heart when starting its Instagram approach. 

  1. Create a Hashtag and Build a Community Around It

To help bring about a sense of community on Instagram, businesses can create a unique, actionable hashtag, encouraging clients to use it. When clients start using that hashtag, the business can take the chance to like and comment on each.

This can build great business-client relationships. Clients will also love feeling like they are part of something with their favorite company. 

  1. Create Content that Relates to the Audience Will Staying Genuine

While cat pictures are a great part of Instagram, each business that uses social media and Instagram needs to make sure its photos are relatable. Client research can help with this, giving a business a good direction to go in.

One of the important things about creating relatable content is to ensure that the business stays genuine when creating it. 

  1. Keep Posts Limited – Don’t Over Post

Even if a business has several great photos to share with clients, all businesses should avoid over-posting to the channel. Instagram is one of those channels that shouldn’t have too many posts in a day due to how it can overwhelm followers.

Companies can know just how many photos clients want to see simply by asking. In addition, a business can make sure it is not over posting by setting up a social media calendar and having one post every other day at the beginning of the campaign. 

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Promote the Instagram Account Everywhere

Getting followers on Instagram might be difficult for businesses in the beginning. Because of this, it is a good idea to promote the new Instagram channel on blogs, other social channels, and even include the Instagram name on business cards.

When businesses regularly encourage clients to follow the Instagram channel, the follower count will grow. Once a business has a decent client base on Instagram, more people will start coming in and following, as well. 

  1. Figure Out the Best Time to Post to Instagram

The best times to post to social media and Instagram can vary per company, but there are a few great resources to give ideas to a business. According to Kevan Lee from Buffer, great times to post to Instagram are 5 to 6 PM during the week, with 6 PM being an awesome “sweet spot” time.

In addition, 8 PM on Mondays can also be great for posting. These are all great starting times to test and see how much engagement one gets, but businesses should be willing to play around with posting times to find the best one for its social media presence. 

  1. Use the Instagram Tools Provided to all Businesses

Instagram is great because the social media giant makes sure to provide users with great tips. All businesses should subscribe to and use the tools provided by Instagram in the blog Instagram for Business.

This can help a company find excellent strategy ideas for its approach to social media and Instagram, helping it have a powerful presence on the channel. 

  1. Follow Other Brands and Get Inspired for Great Posts

When it comes to using Instagram, one of the best ways to get incredible images is to follow other brands and get inspiration. Inspiration is a major part of Instagram marketing, and there are several incredible brands out there with excellent Instagram social strategies that can be inspiring.

Inspiration means that a business can get ideas on what and how to post, but no business should ever copy what others do. Going for a unique approach will be a great way to increase engagement with clients. 

Use Instagram and Watch as Engagement Starts to Soar

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