Design Trends in 2018

Why Web Design is Important

Web design has become a critical component in engaging one’s audience as the digital landscape becomes ever more saturated with content. Design is the first line of defense in drawing visitors in and keeping them captivated with your message. Coastal Creative, an all-inclusive print design studio based in San Diego, released for the second year in a row, its applauded Design Trends Infographic. Hubspot included the 2015 release on its Best Infographics List of 2015.

Coastal’s 2018 infographic dives into continuing trends that have long formed the foundation of successful web design and explores new trends that will set the stage for must have design components in the shifting landscape of digital media. Continuing trends include flat and material design, background and full-screen videos, the domination of mobile applications and social sites, and responsive design with better performance. These foundational design elements have proven their effectiveness in seamlessly reaching and capturing a target audience.

2018 trend predictions include: fitting the theme with correct typography, increased minimalism, storytelling, and card-based interface design. These design elements keep in mind the shifting focus from a spotlight on content to communicating a company’s brand and message through visual communication. While there are no hard and fast rules with web design etiquette, keeping these trends in mind can help attract and engage visitors with your brand and message.

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