How Attorneys Can Capitalize on Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a very effective way to get people to come to your website, without you needing to actively go out and advertise to them. It works by posting content on your website which targets certain keywords or phrases that potential clients may be searching for on the internet (such as “Dallas divorce attorneys”). With a good content marketing strategy, your website will show up near the top of the results page on search engines, leading to an increase in visitors, and clients. A few of the primary benefits content marketing campaigns can have for attorneys include:

  • Increased return on investment from your advertising budget.
  • Showing up on search engines before competitors.
  • Having a bigger web presence.
  • The ability to focus directly on localized results.

Better ROI

A decade ago, you could probably see a pretty decent return on your advertising investment by taking out a large ad in the yellow pages. Since then, times and technology have changed, people go online now to find services, and it is where you should be focusing your advertising efforts. Doing this the right way is what you need to be concerned about. Paying for clicks or display advertising space may get you some visitors, but those kinds of campaigns can end up costing you thousands, with no clients in return.

Content marketing gives you an advertising tool that will continue to work and build upon itself, as long as your website stays up. The visitors you get will not directly cost you a penny. You will not be paying for clicks, views, impressions, or anything on the visitor’s side. The content of your website itself will be what pulls people in, nothing external.

Top Ranking on Search Engines

Getting your website to the top of search engines is important for any type of online organic marketing. A content marketing campaign gets your site near the top for all sorts of law-related phrases that pertain to both your state and your city. People are much more likely to visit one of the three top search engine results as opposed to any other result on the page. If you can nab one of those three spots for a majority of the terms you will be targeting, you’re going to see a lot more traffic coming in, which should lead to more contact form submissions and more phone calls.

Expanding Your Website Content

When you continually build up content on your website, search engines will start to see that:

1. Your website is updated frequently, meaning information is more likely to be up to date, making your website appear higher in search engine ranking positions.

2. The website you own may be considered an “authority website”, a place that people specifically look for when they want to know something related to legal issues in your area. This also makes your website appear higher in the search engines.

The more you add, the bigger your website becomes the more it rises in search engines, and the more people who ultimately land on your site when they are searching for what they need in an attorney online.

Keeping it Local

People in your area are always going to be the most valuable target audience when you are providing a local service. Content marketing focuses on where you and your potential clients live. Many of the things going up on your website will have direct references to your area since that is what web searchers are going to be typing into the search engines. There is never a need to target people who live far away.

As a bonus, we’d thought we’d throw in a FREE eBook we’ve written on the 17 SEO Myths of 2014 to help you steer clear of during your content marketing strategy.