3 Quick Lawyer Marketing Methods to Put Into Action Now

3 Marketing Tips for Attorneys
Marketing is just part of being in business in today’s world, and having an online location for people to learn about you is central to that process. Unfortunately, for most attorneys these days, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to learn how to develop an effective lawyer website marketing strategy.

Let’s look at three simple methods to implement actions any law firm can quickly put in-place that will have a high likelihood of increasing the number of potential clients contacting your firm. And once each of these is set-up, they basically run themselves so you can stay focused on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Add a Video to Your Website

You know the old expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, in the internet age that could be amended to say “a video is worth a thousand pictures”. It may surprise you to know that more people now search for information on YouTube than on Google – which explains why the search engine company bought them several years ago.

The truth is that most people would much rather watch a one minute video than take the time to read the same information as text on your website’s landing page. There are now a wide variety of companies that enable you to create an entertaining video for your lawyer website marketing campaign at a quite reasonable price – and even free in some circumstances.

Install Google Analytics

Google is the Mecca of statistical information pertaining to web traffic – and they are not at all shy about sharing this information. These data are located at Google Analytics, and you need only register with them to access the statistics pertaining to your website. And doing so is completely free.

With access to this information, you will be able to see exactly how much traffic your website is getting, what search terms are directing it to your site, and where in the world it’s coming from – amongst a lot of other useful information. This will enable you to tweak the text in your lawyer website marketing materials to more closely reflect what people are already looking for, resulting in a lot more eyes watching your video and reading your promotional text.

Start Tweeting at the Right Time

Twitter is an invaluable business tool that is seen by many millions of people every day, and is a way to exponentially increase the network of people that know about your services. Learning how to use Twitter to effectively communicate quick business building information takes only minutes – and its reach is limitless.

Part of any effective lawyer website marketing system is having a Twitter icon on your homepage – and then making sure that you’re actually sending out Tweets periodically so that potential clients see both your message and name.

The two biggest secrets to effective business Tweeting are to send messages that honestly inform people on interesting topics related to your work – and to send them at the right time of day. A Tweet sent at 5 pm is not going to be seen by many people. But those sent between the hours of 1- 3 pm have been proven to reach the widest possible audience. And there are now sites you can plug your lawyer website marketing messages into that will send them automatically – so you needn’t even worry about it during the day.

Putting these three measures into action will definitely add some juice to any lawyer website marketing operation – won’t take much effort to get up and running – and will yield measurable results.

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