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Bigfoot Media offers affordable marketing solutions to match all of your needs. Whether your business is a start-up, or you simply feel it’s time to give your older company a new look, we’ve got the most effective marketing tools to put your company’s name on the radar. We’ve offer the best marketing strategies for helping your company reach the highest readership possible. Let our knowledgeable team help you get started today.

Quality Marketing Where It Counts

Executing quality, successful marketing strategies is important to the success of any business. Your marketing content needs to not only engage your readers, but let them know you can build a relationship with them and can be trusted. Whether you are offering vital information about what your company offers, or simply reminding readers of the deal of the day, we’re here to provide valuable content to engage your everyday readers, and generate new interest in all your company has to offer.

Building Trust

Our high tech marketing strategies mean that we’ll reach your readers where it matters. We understand the importance of sharing your most authentic, heartfelt voice with your clients. Here in Greenville, SC, we value close relationships and creating personal brands that connect with their customers.

Whether you need a responsive website, an engaging company newsletter, or feel that your readers would get more from promotional specials, we’ll help your company meet its goals and form deep, life-lasting relationships with your clients.

Effective Marketing Strategies

If you are a travel site, you may want to highlight specific locations your clients would want to visit. If you’re an education site, you’ll want to connect with your readers to help them understand how you are different, and what you can do to help make their students’ lives better. Don’t know where to start? Our team will guide you through a list of creative options to help your business gain the close attention it deserves. Here at Bigfoot Media, we listen and care about meeting the needs of your company, and want to help you reach your readers. Let us use our variety of tools to give your business the extra edge it needs to succeed in today’s ever-competitive market.

Our Internet Marketing Services Include:

  • Website Design-Using a variety of skills and learned disciplines to create innovative designs that fit on any device.
  • SEO- Helping your company rank in the search engines.
  • Social Media- Gaining high web traffic for your company through the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.
  • Inbound Marketing- Creating quality content that draws your reader in.
  • Lead Generation-Generating inbound marketing leads the way you want us to.
  • Local SEO- Consistency and accuracy in all your online listings
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management– An advertising innovation used for directing more traffic to your website
  • Website Hosting & Domain Registration- We understand how overwhelming it can be to create and manage a new website from scratch. Let us help you get your domain registered and your website up and running so you can focus on the more important aspects of getting your business started.
  • Customized Marketing Strategies– Using creative strategies to understand the needs and wants of different target customers and helping you alter products to match your local market’s conditions

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Bigfoot Media offers more than the typical cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all packages. We invest the time and research into understanding your market, competitors, and your existing web presence. We know how much you care about your company, and we want to show you how much we care, too.

Build a Successful Business

Our goal is create a game-winning strategy to help you build your business. Our years of experience have helped us to develop a winning formula for creating high-quality website content that will highlight all of the details your company has to offer. Your company has worked so hard to get where it is today. Let us help you showcase your company as it deserves.

Regardless of length, or size, we’ve got what it takes to apply our winning formula to all of your marketing needs. Call us today or request a FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment here.