How to Create Top Notch Titles for Your Business Blog

In 2016, business blogging still remains as one of the most effective methods for lead generation and attracting new customers. If you have decided to implement a business blog on your own company website, you’re well aware that it takes serious dedication to keep it maintained. It’s easy to put your business blog on the backburner when things get busy—especially when you’re short on ideas.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle to create engaging blog topics week after week. In fact, the process of brainstorming blog topics is pretty simple once you have the proper resources. If you’re a business owner who is new to blogging, or even if you’re just short on ideas, here are a few ways to spark your creative for some new blog content:

  1. BuzzSumo

One of the most powerful content curation tools on the market today is BuzzSumo. The purpose of BuzzSumo is to gather the most popular content on the web under a specific keyword. You simply enter your keywords into the search engine, and BuzzSumo pulls a list of the best-performing content on the web in terms of social media shares.

While you don’t want to directly copy the blog topic ideas that you find on this list, you can use it as a resource of inspiration. If you find a topic that you like, determine how you can add your own twist and make the idea relevant to your own website.

BuzzSumo has a free, trial, and paid version. When you use BuzzSumo for free, you are limited in terms of how many searches you can generate per day. If you’re just looking for a few ideas here and there, the free version should serve you well.

  1. Blog Topic Generators

Blog topic generators can be a quick and easy way to come up with ideas for your business blog. Depending on the tone of voice of your blog and your audience, you may need to try a few out to determine what’s best for you.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is one of the best one-size-fits all generators that can work for nearly any industry. It suggests topics such as guides, lists, and more.

If you’re looking for a creative twist on your business blog, consider using Portent’s Title Maker tool. This tool offers blog topic ideas that are a bit more creative and off the wall, but it’s a good way to add some fun to your business blog.

  1. Review Questions on Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles can be a goldmine for business blog topics. Every time a customer asks a question online, you could easily turn that question into a blog post—especially if it’s a frequently asked question.

The great thing about using this method for blog topic ideas is that you can really expand on a particular subject. When you’re responding to customers on social media, you can be limited in terms of characters on your response—especially on Twitter.

When you develop blog content to respond to a frequently asked question, you can simply refer customers to read the post to answer the question in an in-depth manner.

  1. Tap into Quora

If your social media profiles aren’t active with customer questions and comments, there is another popular resource that you can tap into. Quora is a Q&A community website that has a lot of great potential for digging up blog topics. You can search Quora for industry keywords, or simply surf around and read answers to questions. Popular answers on Quora can give you even more insight on blog topics, giving you some great content to share with your audience.

  1. Piggyback on Popular Trends

Earlier we discussed how BuzzSumo is one of the best resources to find what’s hot and trending around the Internet. However, there are other resources to use in the event that BuzzSumo comes up empty-handed.

One of those resources is Reddit. Reddit has hundreds of subreddits pertaining to nearly every topic under the sun, and there’s a good chance that there is a subreddit that is related to your industry. You can view these boards that are essentially in forum-style to find interesting topics, questions, and find out what’s trending.

Twitter is also a great resource for finding popular topics. Tap into Twitter’s search function to find trends on what potential customers are tweeting—and interact with them for extra engagement.

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